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Janelle KC 2 years ago
Same thing happened to me, my husband was horny the other day and pulled the covers down while I was asleep and jerked himself off looking at my pussy! I woke up when I felt this hot liquid sliding down my pussy into my ass..WTF I was so mad because I woke up late for work and didnt have time to shower so I had his sticky cum on me all day! MEN!!
2 years ago
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Mickey 1 year ago
Love her hairy pussy and armpits. Once asked a girl out because I could see she had hairy armpits. Hairy armpits = hairy pussy! She’s was an incredible fuck and I loved her musky feminine scent
SexyFur 2 years ago
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Jose 2 years ago
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Mick 9 months ago
HAIRY WOMEN,beautiful or not are the MOST EXCITING.Whdn a pussy is shaved,you have already seen mostly everything.. however,with hairy pussies ,it's like,s you are in a jungle.. hunting for a treasure.!!!
1 year ago
Ok i hairy pussy love it but HER ASSHOLE IS LIKE CHUBAKAAA
1 year ago
Girl in towel 9 minutes in is amazing her body underarm hair and hairy pussy are so beautiful just perfect
Wiidwax 8 months ago
They are sposed to have hair . Besides it tickles my face.
Anonymous 9 months ago
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