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2 years ago
I just don’t believe it. Don’t say u took the camera and left hubby at the beach and the next scene someone is holding the camera. Walks away totally nude gets fucked half clothed. No wedding ring. She looks old tho, she should be married. Too many holes in the story. What I do believe is a black guy fucked a white woman. Good effort tho
Jenny 2 years ago
must feel so good to be with a huge hung black guy and everyone looks and knows i'm about to suck and get fucked by BBC I'm ready to start my journey into being a white slut wife for BBC
Huh 2 years ago
If that's a big cock then I'm pretty satisfied with my own size
Great wife 1 year ago
She’s so lucky lol she knows she can fuck any guy an have her hubby in full control haha
YourJIZZ 2 years ago
Why would any sane man let the wife get banged while he films it. lol. good content though! beat my meat to it
Krca 2 years ago
i love this
Phil 1 year ago
I’d love for him to fuck my wife
Robert 1 year ago
How can any white man compete with those black stud’s with there big horse cocks in between there legs.
1 year ago
dude walks like a duck lmao
2 years ago
I love the concept of a naked young man hand in hand with a naked delicious young angel on the beach, with his walking hindered to waddling due to the engorged and aroused schlong that has presented itself due to the skin-on-skin action of his palm against her palm <3